Turning grains into flour is an ancient act. The way the grains are processed has a lot to say about the quality of the end product. Often times, quality is compromised in favour of longer shelf-life and more convenient processing methods. At Kristian and Karin Andersen’s flour mill, Økomølleriet, quality reigns supreme. Knowing that exceptional flour cannot be made by cutting corners, Økomølleriet grinds their grains a total of five times, thus preserving the germs of the grain. They grow an old variety of wheat called Ure that has a 50% smaller yield than traditional wheat. In spite of this, it has an astounding flavour and a high content of protein, making it impeccable for baking.

Økomølleriet is 100% organic and use energy derived from their 2 windmills to power 80% of their activities.